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iHeart: Medical Grade Cardiac Rehabilitation and Safe Fitness System
Product Detail

24-Hour real-time cloud data monitor system for cardiac rehabilitation, sport safety and efficacy;

Monitor, analize and report up to 15 vital signs, 30 parameters of sport safety andefficacy;

Design 8 types of sport target for different needs and provide real-time guidance during the sport.

Application: Cardiac rehabilitation patient, hospital/doctor, gym/coach, personal sport, etc.

Datas include:

(1) 8 Parameters of Cardiac Function

Heart Rate Variability

Basal Heart Rate


Heart Recovery Rate

Lactate Threshold Heart Rate

Maximum Heart Rate

ANS Balance


(2) 7 Parameters of Hemodynamics

Waveform Characteristic Quantity K

Cardiac Output CO

Cardiac Index CI


Reactive Blood Vessel Elasiticity

Pressure Systolic Ps

Pressure Diastolic Pd

(3) 7 Parameters of sport Safety

Sport Risk

Ratio of Real-Time Heart andMaximum Heart Rate

MAF Heart Rate

SafeHeartRateRange of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Physical Parameter

Mental Stress Parameter

Tired Parameter

(4) 23 Parameters of sport Efficacy

Smart Calories (Energy Consumed; Basal Metabolism; Burning Fat Rate)

Sport Benefits (Warming Up Sport; Fat Burning Sport; Cardiopulmonary Sport; Muscle Sport; Intensive Sport)

Kinematic Analysis (Sport duration, distance, pace, average heart rate, peak heart rate, sport recovery time; EPOC; Lactate; Vo2Max)

Training Effect (Warm Up; Easy Running; Marathon Running; Threshold Running; Anaerobic Endurance Training;Interval Training)

(5) 8 Types Sport Target

Restorative Sport

Basic Sport

MAF Sport

HIIT Sport

Tabata Sport

Cardiopulmonary Sport

Intensive Sport

Extreme Sport